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Why Manufacturing?

- Manufacturing provides one out of every seven non-metropolitan jobs in America.
- It pays higher wages than any other sector in America except mining.
- It provides nearly twice the share of employment and earnings in rural places as in urban areas.
- Manufacturing provides more jobs and contributes 25% more to rural economies than agriculture.
- It provides slightly more jobs in retail and at far better pay.

- Nearly twice as many rural jobs as construction.

- Five times as many world jobs as mining.

- Much of this economic output is being driven by small locally owned firms. 

- The average size of all manufacturers worldwide is 20 employees.

- So this is a very much a small business phenomenon in rural America. 

Why 4 Corners?

1.  Colorado, Utah & Arizona companies struggling to recruit employees in light manufacturing. They have

not heard of the features and benefits of the 4 corners.


2.  Serving as a bridge to connect 4 Corners economic development to Think Tanks and institutes focused on Rural Economic development in Colorado, NM, AZ, and Utah.  4 Corners Convergence serves as a regional hub. Where else have we seen such models work?


3. Focus on growing smaller industries in the area, such as tourism, manufacturing & High tech with a plan to bring in international groups and building cross state alliances.

What Message Would Spark their interest?

- how would you like lower taxes?

- how would you like lower wages?

- how would you like a pro business environment?

- how would you like a labor pool to pick from instead of full employment?

- how would you like a college training a work ready workforce

- how would you like ____________matching funds

- how would you like warmer weather

- how would you like better recreational / leisure programming for your family

- how would you like no commute times

What Type of Business May Consider
Moving Operations to 4 Corners?

Best Practice is Pixy.
9 Different Campaigns to 9 Different Targets

Where Else has this Program Worked?
What Kind of Messaging Sticks or Resonates?

begin at 4:57

100s of Bands & Art Installations
Camping Encouraged
Burn Down the Beast symbolic of Politicians, Wall Street, IRS, CIA - No Racists
Skaters but No Haters, Bikers but No Fighters - Peaceful Expression of an Awakening
More Bike Trails than Moab
4 Corners Film Festival
4 Corners
Film Festival

Karl May Festival

target wealthy European tourists

We also batted around the idea

Karl May (German Writer) sold

200 Million copies - Minnetou

set in American West

Warren discussed importance that

we not be involved in stereotyping so sensitivity paramount (i.e. No Cultural Appropriation or racist themes)

Also discussed affluent & active

seniors with discretionary cash. Example- A Lake Forest Illinois citizen tired of

cold wanting 320 days of sunshine and where to find affordable housing as they transition into more restrictive levels of care as people age.

What? - data sets, social listening, sentiment & trend analysis, lean detection platform.
How? - the control center acquires, curates & dispatches data, pushes out emails, text & social posts per each typology selected (data sets in buckets)
We are Trans Partisan, Evidence Based & Focused on Dissecting US & European Business, Political and Public Culture.



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