The Inaugural Civil Summit, Avidly Promoting Neo-Populism, Humane Discourse & Social Intelligence

A Forum to Engage Unaffiliated & Undecided Citizens

an invite sent to various Candidates seeking Public Office in Colorado

Hear Ye , Hear Ye,

You are all invited to the Inaugural Civil Summit. Here is the good news, you don't have to wear a suit or formal clothes. You can participate remotely, even in your pajamas or on your couch after a long day of campaigning.

We are focusing on the following:

- Civil & Humane discourse.

- Spirited discussions on substantive policy.

- Issues that unite us like infrastructure, education, economic development, healthcare, safety, housing and featuring

"out of the box" thinking.

We will discuss your ideas, what's important to you and areas that are trans-partisan & enlightening. 

Our values are like yours...transparency, civil politics, pragmatism & Respect for All Colors, Cultures, Creatures while Moving Colorado Forward Working Together.

Best thing is you don't have to commit to anytime or date, we will just send you some pre qualified questions and you respond how you feel. This is not a debate, rather a constructive and healthy dialogue.  I will be in touch and I am proud of all of you for getting out there, engaging the public and discussing improvements and ideas for Coloradoans.

Take Care and Stay Awesome


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