Digital political ad spending has gone up 2,539 percent in just four years.

With a few exceptions, digital ads are exempt from campaign finance laws. This unregulated digital ad market poses an astounding opportunity for those ready to tap into the power of our Platform.

SWINGMAPS Message Platform...We can customize our audiences by using proprietary & specific tools to target certain demographics. Our emphasis is on microtargeting unaffiliated, undecided voters and elusive customers

What is SWINGMAPS™ ? a transformational enterprise that uses social listening & sentiment analysis targeting unaffiliated & undecided voters. Through proprietary means SWINGMAPS™ detects leans, trends and sways in sentiment. Users then utilize this data to swing outcomes in business and political settings.

How does it Work? 1.) Acquire Data via Social Listening, PIXY, HALO, AURIS yields 2.) Lean Detection System from Unaffiliated, Undecided and Elusive Consumers 3.) the Control Center houses the data, lean detection and messaging framework.  

Using the Control Center customers message more intelligently with wording that matches the preferred vocabulary various subgroups use inside their subcultures (Example: a new electric car company uses descriptive terms such as "sustainable" "efficiency & battery range" "vehicle speed" "calming quiet" to position against competitors) This is our Public Relations Amplifier.

to arrange a demo please call Jon Little at 720-572-9605

What? - data sets, social listening, sentiment & trend analysis, lean detection platform.
How? - the control center acquires, curates & dispatches data, pushes out emails, text & social posts per each typology selected (data sets in buckets)
We are Trans Partisan, Evidence Based & Focused on Dissecting US & European Business, Political and Public Culture.



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