Updated: Jul 5, 2018

Most of us agree & see the challenge facing all of us. Times are Violent, Confusing & Chaotic.

Many political and business leaders cling to their power using distractions to divide us.

In this Crazy Age some technologies are trying to make sense of it all.

But something New Has Emerged that is Changing our Conversations, Our Lives & The World Around Us for the Better.   We want you to be able to Hear what is being said ALL AROUND YOU 

so you can Speak & Message in a MANNER THAT IS MEANINGFUL.      It's Very Simple: We believe if we Listen Better and Speak Better then Communications, Understandings and Our Lives Will Keep Improving! WE ARE A CONVERSATION COMPANY. But conversations begin with intense listening...Real Listening, Real Conversations, Real Meaning...and through this Chain You Gain Authenticity and Relevancy.

Our platform is simple. We have a proprietary stack of technologies that listen. This information is converted through our Control Center and PR amplifier so your speech resonates with your target audiences. A by-product of improved listening and speech is an improved community.

Your control center houses the data.

Your PR Amplifier messages to any audience group you want to reach.

Once you spark their interest and start a conversation you have a competitive advantage because you have elevated your message above the noise and speak in a way that is smarter than others. But we are not the only ones with listening tools.

Google has their assistant. Amazon has Alexa. Apple has Siri. Facebook has messenger.

BUT WHY LET AMAZON, GOOGLE, APPLE AND FACEBOOK HOARD, LOOT AND CONTROL ALL THE DATA?     Instead of hoarding the data we are turning it over to you so you can be FREE and in control of your own data and destiny. Learn more by contacting your rep for a private demo. Jon Little 720=572-9605

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What? - data sets, social listening, sentiment & trend analysis, lean detection platform.
How? - the control center acquires, curates & dispatches data, pushes out emails, text & social posts per each typology selected (data sets in buckets)
We are Trans Partisan, Evidence Based & Focused on Dissecting US & European Business, Political and Public Culture.



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