• Mac & Bob's

  • Established 1949

  • Monday Night Football
    Drink Specials

  • Lunch 11 - 2

  • Dinner 5 - 11

  • Live Music

    2200 Central NE


1 ShrimpFest - 4 Separate Messages, 4 Buckets

1. Lavendar Card - first 20 ladies thru

the door, FREE aveda facial coupon, $1 Margs all night long

2. Gold Card - first 20 men thru the door

$1 Bud Pints all night long





Lavender Card





Gold Card

3. Purple Haze Card - first 20 thru the door $1 LemonDrops All Night Long, ticket giveaway to Metallica Concert

4. At large Campaign


Co-ed Dorm




Purple Haze Card

At Large



The Offer, The Plan, The Result

1. The owner wanted generic ad he had been running logo w/ text "Live music and Drink Specials."
2. I went another direction...made a Ten Cent Tuesday campaign instead.

3. @Kinkos made 250 (a 4 up) 8.5 x 11 flyers, made 2 cuts, yielding 1000 postcards going out to 4 separate buckets
groups each flyer cost 3 cents for a $7.50 total print cost.

5. Paid a skateboarder to distribute 1,000 for $40 dollars, took him 3 hours .. .04 per impression

  • Ladies, urgency, show your postcard first 20 ladies through the doors received a Lavender Glamour Card good for Aveda facial, 1 Free Drink, $1.00 Margs all Night Long.
    (told Mac to buy some bamboo and a $20 plug in desktop pump that flows water over rocks)

  • Men, urgency, show your postcard for your VIP Gold Card, first 20 through the doors & Dollar Pints all Night Long

  • Stoners, urgency, show your postcard for your Purple Haze Fly High Card, first 20 through the doors
    & Dollar Pints All Night Long

  • Everyone gets 10 cent shrimp

    Result - he had over 400 through the door that night w/ average spend of 20 dollars per client or $8000.00
    bar ring, his average Tuesday was around $800 and they had reported barely breaking even Y over Y,
    Restaurant Industry in Albuquerque had about a 70 to 80% failure rate for new businesses that year

    $32,000 per month in new revenue per month =  $384,000 in new revenue per year. in 1991 this was HUGE.
    note - straight linear revenue projection, the night actually built w/ momentum, word of mouth, print ad reinforcement...annual revenue exceed extra half million per Y over Y growth.


zen rock fountain $19 Walmart


1. It is scarey and parents worry when their teen says "Im going to a party with friends" 
Parents remind "no drinking, no drinking and driving, no texting and driving, if there is drinking call us
You're not ready for premarital sex - some of the kids that gather around the Whittakers are bad influence"

2. she receives a courtesy notification - be safe tonight, make sure a fun party doesn't get too wild"

3. parents receive a notification - install the teenwatch app, gps tracker 

4. parents were right the kids that hang around the Whittaker house are wild
5. Police receive notification "party at Whittaker house, 2500 Foxhill Road, Golden Colorado

6. Attorney alerted "lots of people made bad choices, lots of new potential clients"

7. Whittakers reminded " don't let kids drink, and especially don't let kids drink at your house"

8 Public Service Announcement - Teen Drinking is not a Minor Problem

How the Prince became King
Why messaging separately has explosive power

Prince Wants to be The King, so he messages to each sector seperately 1. farmers 2. factory workers 3. merchants.
"I hear dad (king) telling mom (queen) that he is considering replacing you by working with Northern Province farms, factories, merchants,establishing new trade patterns ...You will see powerful and convincing symbols as proof that I am telling the TRUTH!
You and Your Family Will Starve once the King cuts you out of favor, but I have a plan to keep you alive and due to your Loyalty You and Your Family will be in my Favor Forever & Ever.


"How the Prince turned into a King" © 2018 Jon Forrest Little ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

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